November – A Truly Great Month For Giving, but Not the Last!

Hello, my friends!

I realize we're a couple days late from #givingtuesday, but the results are officially in and you guys are officially awesome!

For the entire month of November, my shop partnered with Creative Market to donate 20% of my total earnings to All Hands Volunteers, and you guys showed up!

Together, we were able to raise (drum roll, please...)


YOU GUYS. This is AMAZING. I'm so unbelievably excited we were able to raise that much support for such a great organization. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for using this month as an opportunity to make your purchases count!

And now, an announcement!

Because of the amazing success we saw with raising money to give away this month, I've decided that this shouldn't be a once-a-year thing. So! I've decided to give 20% of my earnings from my store on Creative Market to charity:water every month! There may be a few months here and there where we switch up the charities, but charity:water is an organization that has truly moved me at a core level. Access to clean water starts a positive chain reaction larger than I ever realized. Please, if you have a few minutes, watch the short film below to learn more about the impact they're making around the world!

I'll write a blog on the 1st of each month disclosing the total amount you empowered us to give, and I'm so excited to see that number grow!

Check out the shop here!

Thank you guys so much for all your support through this month. Now, let's keep it going!!


- jen wagner







3 Things You Should Do When Someone Copies Your Work

This morning, I woke up to see that someone new to fonts on Creative Market had started using the same formatting and city-title concept that I've been using for months. I literally did a double-take when I saw it, thinking "I didn't make this, right?" Bummer.

So, as could be expected, I got into a little bit of a rage and started thinking of ways I could get this person to stop. I mean, I'm seeing this only two days after my entrepreneurial father warned me that people would try to knock off my stuff soon. Won't people notice??

As I cooled down, I started to remember the countless marketing books I've read and what they all say about this – don't waste your time, make better stuff.

I realize every situation is different, but this morning, here are 3 things I'm doing to handle this situation:



Settle down, take a deep breath, evaluate the situation. This person has two fonts. I have 30. As long as I keep doing what I'm doing, they'll struggle to catch up to the amount of content I have. Also, it could be that this person, new to the game, saw my work on several pages and figured that's what cover images needed to look like for their fonts to be successful. Doesn't explain the city-name thing, but still. Assume the best.


Content is king, people. Put out more content than your copy-cat can keep up with. Consumers will gravitate toward familiarity, and if you keep putting out great content consistently, they'll see you more and trust you more. 


I read a great quote in an article today as I was going about my justice-fury: 

And as you are steaming ahead in growing your business, let them struggle with the realities of getting a business off the ground. Because, let’s face it, if you’re so lacking in imagination that you have to steal someone else’s idea, then you don’t deserve to be successful, and probably won’t be. - Hannah Martin

The people copying you are obviously not that creative if they feel the need to rip you off. We're dealing with the same issue in our other businesses at the moment as well. People see what we're doing, are maybe "inspired" by the model, and blatantly copy it almost immediately after we announce what we're doing. Imitation is flattery, I suppose, but they'll quickly realize that what works for us may not work for them. And the same goes for you!

So! Take a deep breath, keep doing what you're doing, and let it run its course. Odds are, if others are blatantly copying you, you're doing something right.

- jen wagner


Baton Rouge | A Flood Relief Font

Hey everyone!

A little bit of bad news, then some great news.

At the beginning of September, I released a font on Creative Market that for the month of September would 100% benefit the Louisiana Flood Relief Fund. I told my customers that I'd post a blog updating them on how much money was raised!

Unfortunately, Baton Rouge is the only font that has made a whopping zero sales. [this screen shot was taken on October 4].

I plan to rerelease the font under a different name to see if perhaps it was a branding issue, but was still super bummed overall. I tend to get into "save the world" mode and it rarely goes as you plan.

But here's the good news!

Creative Market has partnered with participating shops to donate a percentage of our earnings to All Hands Volunteers, who are working to help not only those affected in Louisiana, but in Haiti and other countries around the globe.

So! For the month of November, I'll be donating 20% of my total earnings on all items in my store to this cause!! So if you've been waiting to pick up some of my new fonts, do it in November to help benefit this amazing cause!

Thank you all so much for all the love and support with this new venture! Here's to great things!


jen wagner