My Favorite Hand Lettering Tools

Hello my friends!

I've started some short YouTube tutorials answering your questions! This week, I'm discussing a few of my favorite hand lettering tools and showing you how I use each of them.

Have any questions you'd like me to answer in my next video? Leave them in the comments on this blog post or on the video!


Watercolor Brush 3/0

Micron 03 Pen

Tombow Fudenosuke, Soft

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"Advanced" Hand Lettering Begins This Monday!

Hello my friends - old and new!

If you're looking for a unique way to set your business apart from the crowd, then you're gonna love this Lettering eCourse! Hand lettering is one of the biggest new trends that spans across dozens of different markets and demographics. This class will teach you multiple types of calligraphy and hand lettering in depth, going from letter to letter. It also includes a free downloadable workbook with over 50 pages of practice exercises! Many lettering courses charge anywhere from $30-$60 per hour of material. In this course, you'll get over 5 hours of video material plus the workbook for only $48!

There are many fonts out there now that imitate the look and feel of hand lettering, but they're becoming more easily spotted and disregarded by consumers. Everyone's lettering style is unique, just like everyone's handwriting. Who knows? Your style could be the next big Etsy seller or West Elm feature! But first, you have to start!

Learn how to register for my hand lettering course here and I'll see you all on Monday, June 13th!

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Hand Lettering eCourse

"Advanced" Hand Lettering eCourse | Freebie!

Hello my friends!

I am so excited to announce that I'll be teaching another lettering eCourse with the fabulous Jeanne Oliver! The class launches on June 13th and includes some really awesome printables and a workbook I've been working on for *literally* months. I'm really excited to be able to give that resource free to everyone who registers (sign up here!)!!

Now, I've had some people freak out a little bit when they saw the "Advanced" part of the course title. It's "Advanced" in the sense that this is a real class where we'll discuss details of how to form your letters, words, and phrases in not just brush lettering, but a bunch of other lettering forms and mediums. On the other hand, the "Intro to Hand Lettering" class I taught last year was a brief introduction to brush lettering with an emphasis on DIY projects. So if you're ready to get in depth and learn a lot about what lettering is really about, the Advanced lettering class is the way to go!

Because the class doesn't launch for another 6 weeks, I wanted to gift you guys a freebie worksheet and Mug project video from the Intro class. Get practicing and I'll see you all on June 13th!

Lowercase Letter Brush Hand Lettering Guide