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design a better world

My name is Jen Wagner, and I'm a designer of all types based in Nashville, TN. For the longest time, I found it difficult to narrow down how to focus my design efforts – so I decided not to.

Simply put, I love to curate beauty of all types in every environment. That's why you'll see a lot of different ideas on the blog in 2017, from interior design and hosting guests to graphic design and business advice. 

On the vision side of things, we choose as a family every day to "design a better world." I've always had a heart to help others and have been artistic through most of my life, but never knew how the two could possibly work together. After all, the world doesn't need more art, but more aid – right? Turns out, the answer is "Yes" to both. 

I stumbled into the fonts game in 2016 during a freelance lull and completely fell in love. After some time selling on Creative Market, the desire to help others began to stir in my heart again and I realized I could actually use font creation to make a difference! Our shop now donates to charity:water and other causes every month in order to "design a better world."

You have the ability to use the gifts right in front of you to change the world. Which of your gifts does the world need?


use what you have to change the world


I believe everyone is capable of creating a better world around them using the tools they already have in their back pocket. You don't have to be out in the Middle East to help Syrian refugees or fly to Ethiopia to help dig wells – you can use what you have right where you are to change the world.

Our story began with a hobby. Some of the greatest gifts you have to offer the world often come in the form of something you love to do + skills you already have. Whether you love design, crunching numbers, or riding your bike, there are ways to use what you love to make the world a better place.

Imagine what our communities and families would look like if we all felt empowered to do what we love! This is how we change culture – not by martyring our dreams for a greater cause but by using them to contribute to the greater cause. We can take what we love and, with a little creativity, use it to completely transform our world.

What tools are in your back pocket? How will you  take what you love and use it to help those around you? Let's use what we have available to us to change the world – in our backyards + thousands of miles away.