Meet Ontario: A Four-Layer Modern Font Set

Meet Ontario: A Four-Layer Modern Font Set

The last couple weeks have been spent lovingly creating this new font for you guys – Ontario! It is super cool because there are four separate font files that create this awesome layered look.

But here's the best part – you retain full color control of each layer! And the offset outline automatically offsets for you, which I think is pretty neat and helpful.

How to Make a Living on Creative Market (5 Things)

How to Make a Living on Creative Market (5 Things)

When I started my shop on Creative Market in July 2016, I expected it to be a small source of passive income to help pay a couple bills ($200-300/month max). Since then, it's become our primary source of income – seriously a dream come true.

For those wanting to start a shop on Creative Market or improve the one they have, here are a few concepts + everything I’ve done so far (I hope it works for you, too!):

November – A Truly Great Month For Giving, but Not the Last!

Hello, my friends!

I realize we're a couple days late from #givingtuesday, but the results are officially in and you guys are officially awesome!

For the entire month of November, my shop partnered with Creative Market to donate 20% of my total earnings to All Hands Volunteers, and you guys showed up!

Together, we were able to raise (drum roll, please...)


YOU GUYS. This is AMAZING. I'm so unbelievably excited we were able to raise that much support for such a great organization. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for using this month as an opportunity to make your purchases count!

And now, an announcement!

Because of the amazing success we saw with raising money to give away this month, I've decided that this shouldn't be a once-a-year thing. So! I've decided to give 20% of my earnings from my store on Creative Market to charity:water every month! There may be a few months here and there where we switch up the charities, but charity:water is an organization that has truly moved me at a core level. Access to clean water starts a positive chain reaction larger than I ever realized. Please, if you have a few minutes, watch the short film below to learn more about the impact they're making around the world!

I'll write a blog on the 1st of each month disclosing the total amount you empowered us to give, and I'm so excited to see that number grow!

Check out the shop here!

Thank you guys so much for all your support through this month. Now, let's keep it going!!


- jen wagner