Despo2014 – Desperation Band

Desperation is a massive youth conference at New Life in Colorado Springs and has always been a huge part of my testimony. When I was 15, I signed The Vow to commit to Passion, Intercession, Consecration, and Mission and my life was forever transformed. I had never pursued the Lord with intentionality before Desperation 2008 and because of the incredible ways that God moved that weekend, I fell passionately in love with Jesus.

We brought our youth to Desperation this year and it was amazing to see God work in their lives from the perspective of an adult leader. I desire for them the same transformation that happened in me, and it was so encouraging to watch the Lord speak to them and heal their hearts.

I'm so glad I was able to document parts of this conference! Here are some photos of Desperation Band recording/filming for their upcoming live record "Banner."