The Belafonte – Listening

It's been a crazy couple weeks in the Wagner household. Many people knew we were moving, but not many know how exactly God showed up in the midst of something we thought was normal. 

We were moving out of our one-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom unit for some extra space. We had everything lined up and ready to go, and they had already rented out our old unit to new tenants, who would be moving in shortly after we left.

Our move-in date arrived (a Saturday), and I went to get our keys to move in. Turns out, the leasing office was struck by lightning the night before our move-in date, so we couldn't print a lease because their network was down. Without a physical copy of a signed lease, we couldn't move anything into our apartment. They did, however, let us inspect the unit to keep the process moving, even if only a little bit. 

Aaron and I met to inspect the apartment and tried to make light of all the surrounding circumstances. We may not have been able to move in until the next week; it was a different, less desirable unit than expected; and it was left in poor shape. But we had a roof over our heads and we were together. That's all that truly matters.

On our way out, Aaron stopped for a moment and started to look around with intention. I found out later the Holy Spirit told him to look for mold. He opened the hallway closet door, stepped inside, and pointed up.

"Jen, what's that?"
"Aaron... that's black mold."

And so we broke our lease.

This, however, didn't help our moving-out situation as we still needed to be out three days later (legally and with a fight, we could've stayed longer... but Aaron and I were trying not to cause more trouble).

We continued to pray for a space to open up, and God was so faithful. He closed every door until we found a condo a quarter mile away that is bigger, has a garage, and was in our price range. They even made an exception to their no-pets policy for us! We submitted our application Monday night, got approved Monday night, and moved in Tuesday at noon. God is so faithful!


The Lord is our defender. He protected us from a terrible situation and provided us with a bigger upgrade than we ever thought we could afford. He is truly good.

If we shut out the voice of God during moments of normalcy, we limit His ability to communicate with us, defend us, and protect us from what we can't see.