why i do what i do

"so... where have you shared your vision?"

i was in a meeting earlier this week with the fantastic Jeanne Oliver and we were talking about the things that God has been putting on my heart as of late. i went into detail about the different things i'm beginning to pursue passionately – namely, my etsy shop and hand lettering.

upon discussing this a bit more, she asked what my vision is for it. my heart lit up. i began passionately sharing why i'm doing what i'm doing and what my goals are for it, but that i've been disappointed in the results so far. and then she asked a hard question i had been too distracted to even think about: "so... where have you shared your vision?"

it's a simple question, really, but it made me realize that the answer was, "no where." and that's no good, especially considering the vision behind it is the reason why i do it in the first place.

so here's my heart-to-heart with you: why i do what i do. 
disclaimer: i understand i'm speaking in generalities here. but that's how i talk to my friends, so don't take it personally when i say "women" and it may not apply to you.

i believe the creativity and dreams that dwell deep within specifically women have the capacity to completely transform the world. i also believe that many women discourage and self-deface themselves out of pursuing the dreams that lie deep within their hearts. there is something incredibly unique and powerful about what women have to offer the world that is being stolen - often by the things we speak over ourselves.

i am passionate about finding ways to empower, inspire, and encourage women through art. i've always done this for myself by placing encouraging words and inspiring quotes throughout my home, and soon realized that i may not be the only person who needs to see them every day. i believed that i could use what i was already creating to inspire women around the world to pursue their dreams, transform atmospheres around them, and be their very best. that's all i want to do.


the words you speak over yourself carry enormous power and have the ability to transform the world around you - for better or worse. so, however is easiest for you, find ways to remind yourself to speak words of life, love, and truth over yourself every day. it will completely change the world you live in and the world you invite others to be a part of.


jen wagner