you make me brave

it's official: i've quit my job to pursue lettering and freelance creative work full time! am i excited? absolutely. but i may have burst into tears this morning while working on my etsy shop. 

have you ever known for a fact you were supposed to do something but felt devastatingly under-qualified?

that's how i feel today. despite the fact that God has blatantly and even publicly confirmed my decision, i feel completely overwhelmed and terrified.

i wish it was easier in practice than in theory to trust what God has said to be true. i know one day i'll look back on this season and smile in wonder at how He made everything happen. i'll forever carry the deeper intimacy and trust created with Him in these seasons of walking into and through the unknown together. but until then, i'll need some encouragement, my friends!

God is the best leader. partnering with Him always leads to abundant life. fear is a poor leader. partnering with it will always do harm.

let's partner with God as we pursue the dreams He's placed deep within us.

so cheers to the adventure - i'm glad you're here with me!

- JW
jen wagner