here's to the new...

it's been a long while since I've blogged. to be honest, i guess it's because i kept trying to create a small box to operate in as far as the business side of things goes. and then i'd get bored with that box and move on to something else, leaving strings of domain names and expectations of future products/services/etc. in the dust. it actually became disheartening after a while. i couldn't seem to commit to anything i was trying to make. but it's finally all started to make sense to me!

aaron and i have been having a lot of really great conversations lately about what it is that energizes us as far as work goes.
*sidenote: It's unbelievable how amazing he is. i can't believe i got so lucky.*
after some quiet time i figured out that i just want to create and inspire others to do the same. creating is a beautiful thing considering we're made in the image of a creating God. how cool is that? 

so no more limiting specifics, products, services, whatever. let's just create together! one week it may be hand lettering, the next could be refinishing a piece of furniture – whatever it is, i'm excited to share what i'm making, what inspires me, and ways for you to create with me! so, here's to getting rid of the boxes; here's to the new. 


jen wagner

Photo by Jarrod Renaud

Photo by Jarrod Renaud