"Advanced" Hand Lettering eCourse | Freebie!

Hello my friends!

I am so excited to announce that I'll be teaching another lettering eCourse with the fabulous Jeanne Oliver! The class launches on June 13th and includes some really awesome printables and a workbook I've been working on for *literally* months. I'm really excited to be able to give that resource free to everyone who registers (sign up here!)!!

Now, I've had some people freak out a little bit when they saw the "Advanced" part of the course title. It's "Advanced" in the sense that this is a real class where we'll discuss details of how to form your letters, words, and phrases in not just brush lettering, but a bunch of other lettering forms and mediums. On the other hand, the "Intro to Hand Lettering" class I taught last year was a brief introduction to brush lettering with an emphasis on DIY projects. So if you're ready to get in depth and learn a lot about what lettering is really about, the Advanced lettering class is the way to go!

Because the class doesn't launch for another 6 weeks, I wanted to gift you guys a freebie worksheet and Mug project video from the Intro class. Get practicing and I'll see you all on June 13th!

Lowercase Letter Brush Hand Lettering Guide