Our Big Trip: New York, London, + Edinburgh!


Hello my friends!

We are finally back from our big trip and I have to say, it was our FAVORITE vacation ever! It was our first time to all of these places, so we definitely had moments where we forgot to take photos because we were so enamored (*cough* New York *cough*).

In New York, we got to tour the Charity Water offices, had the best ramen of my life, and got to go to an incredible underground jazz bar in Soho. (Called "Fat Cat")

London saw 20,000 steps from us every day where we roamed the streets, shopped too much, and hung out with old friends. We even found this speakeasy in the basement of a 50's-themed breakfast place where they take you through a vintage Smeg refrigerator door that leads to the stairs. SO cool! (Called "Mayor of Scaredy-Cat Town")

Edinburgh was super laid back. We walked around the boring part of town the first day (oops), and didn't stumble upon the incredible "Old Town" until the last day we were there. Old Town is full of 600-year-old pubs, vintage thrift stores, beautiful coffee shops, and of course some of the best views of Edinburgh Castle. We'd go back here first since we didn't get to explore nearly as much as we wanted!

Anyway, the trip was amazing. We got to laugh all day every day, drink great wine, create amazing memories and write some great stories (I mean, that's basically every day at home too).

Take a look at the photos and ask in the comments about any specific locations!!

Much love,
jen wagner