Jen Wagner Co. Giving | February 2017

Giving Totals

February 2017

My friends!

I'm so excited to share February's giving totals with you! For those of you who are new to the blog, we give 20% of our earnings to charity:water every month. It's our way of stepping out and using the gifts available to us to design a better world!


This month, we were able to raise:

charity:water – $1531
preemptive love – $42

So awesome!

Speaking of awesome, Aaron and I were able to take a tour of charity:water's offices in NYC while we were visiting. Such an incredible group of people doing even more incredible things to change the world we live in. If you haven't heard of charity:water before, please please take a look at their site and story (below). They are the most generous and kind-hearted people I've ever met, and this is such a worthy cause to give to.