Jen Wagner Co. Giving | March 2017

Hello my friends!

I realize this is coming super late, but be excited because there are big changes coming (hence, the delay)!

March was my biggest month ever on Creative Market, and so it's also been our biggest month of giving! We released Tokyo, Rochester, + Ontario that month and Tokyo specifically blew everything up! That was definitely an exciting one to release!

We also had World Water Day on March 22, where we gave 40% of that day's earnings to Charity:Water.

So, without further adieu, here are the totals for March!

$1926 from 3/1-3/21 and 3/23-3/31
$129 from 3/1-3/21 and 3/23-3/31

for a total of

$2055 total donated to charity:water for March!

Thank you guys SO MUCH for your continued support of the shop! I can't wait to see how your purchases help design a better world!

Much love,
Jen Wagner