Meet Ontario: A Four-Layer Modern Font Set


Meet Ontario

A four-layer modern font set

Hello my friends!!

Welcome to another week of creating! I'm extremely excited to get going this week because there are some really cool fonts in the works in addition to the other exciting things happening (namely, officially branding, creating a site that is more user-friendly, and getting my main social media accounts aligned).

And then there's some vision casting I'll announce... but I'll save that for a little later ;) So it's a full week! But it's exciting and I think you'll appreciate the change too :)

The last couple weeks have been spent lovingly creating this new font for you guys – Ontario! It is super cool because there are four separate font files that create this awesome layered look.

But here's the best part – you retain full color control of each layer! And the offset outline automatically offsets for you, which I think is pretty neat and helpful.

So as I've begun doing with my fonts, here are some samples of what Ontario is capable of doing for you, your blog, your client, or whatever project you'll use it for! Click below to snag it for yourself!

[button url=""]Click here to get Ontario![/button]