7 Of My Favorite Modern Business Card Templates

Maybe this has happened to you before:

You're at a party, or coffee, or some get-together with a mix of friends and total strangers. You're having a great time, meet a few new people, and really connect with someone who then asks the question – "Do you have a card?"

Panic sets in, you make up some excuse about how you left them in the car and then proceed to do the awkward number-exchange thing on each of your phones, which can be even more awkward if you, like me, don't like giving out your number. You leave thinking, "Man I really need to get some cards," but avoid the task because it's hard to find designs you actually like.


That's why I put this list together for you! These are some of my favorite pre-made templates I've been able to find. Each of these templates can be quickly edited in Photoshop and sent off to a printer of your choice (I prefer Moo for mine), leaving you faced with a now simple task and eliminating the risk of panicking in front of a total stranger. 

Check out the list below, and click to snag the templates for yourself!


7 Simple + Modern Business Card Templates.jpg
designJen Wagner