Tokyo | A Designer Font Duo

Meet Tokyo

a designer sans serif duo

Say hello to Tokyo! This is a super cool font duo that looks especially beautiful in the context of big, colorful, artistic projects where you want to highlight a couple letters or numbers.

This one was especially tricky to make because of the automatic offset of the outline variation. I wanted to make it as simple as possible to get the look (all you need to do is duplicate the layer and switch the font variation – EASY!), but I ended up having to go through a few revisions on the outline version of the font to get it right. Despite the offset working and the kerning settings remaining the same, it wasn't lining up properly in Photoshop over the solid variation. And that's no good.

But – tah dah! It's all working beautifully and makes for some really cool typographic projects.

Take a look at some samples below of ways you can use Tokyo in your next project, and add it to your library today!

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