Noël | A Charming Holiday Font

Hello my friends!

The last couple weeks have been totally crazy – I’ve been striving to release two fonts a week and it’s been a doozy. But! There’s some fun stuff coming out as a result, and I’m pretty excited to see what styles emerge.

Like Noël! Noël was made after multiple attempts to make a cute holiday font for the upcoming season (I see you, last minute designers 😉). It took making and trashing 3 different font styles before I arrived at this one, and I am SO glad I stuck it out!

Noël features adorable, character-giving swirls with large and small caps that interact playfully with one another. I think it looks absolutely stellar for holiday signs, social media, and quotes. It even works great for playful logos!

Check out some of the things you can make with Noël below, and jump over to the product page to see some more samples!

designJennifer Wagner