Our New Bedroom Mood Board

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Isn't it cute?! We are SO excited to move in and get it looking and feeling like home. I would move in today if I could. But! Since we don't close for a bit, we're just having to get inspired and play with ideas in the meantime.

So here is a whole post dedicated to my master plan for the master bedroom!

My overall goal for this room is to keep it light and bright, but add soothing touches (using color + texture mostly) to help us feel instantly relaxed.

One big thing about this house that is going to be totally unique for us is the brightness of the wood floors. In every other home we've lived in, we've had more cherry/oak colored wood or laminate flooring.

The flooring in our new home is REAL hardwood (praise The Lord) and is super light – maybe maple? Anyway, you can see it a bit better in the photo of our bedroom below (the color in that direct sunlight spot gives you a good idea of how light it is).

Night Stands

The color of the hardwood slightly complicates things because any wood furniture we own was ordered or stained to go with our floors. Not that it's a problem! It just means I need to be a little more aware of the contrast it'll create.

With that in mind, I've decided to steer clear of solid "heavy" night stands (think your traditional rectangle shape, solid sides with drawers all the way to the ground) and opt for these side tables instead. We don't really ever use the storage in our current night stands, and I really love the warmth that this darker wood will bring into the room without it being too heavy. If we bought a traditional night stand in that wood color, it would totally change the feel of the room, and probably make it feel even smaller.

Oh yeah. All the bedrooms in the South are TINY. Who knew?!

Because our room is so small, it will be extremely helpful to have all that open space underneath the marble to create more room visually.

**Tip: raised furniture (think these side tables, legs on a sofa, etc.) will make a smaller room feel bigger than furniture that is on or very close to the ground.**

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As far as lighting goes, I'm usually a wall-mount girl; however, our bed will go against that left wall and there's a weird window on the left side, which will keep us from being able to mount sconces on each side of the bed.

So I found these table lamps at Urban Outfitters that will look SO pretty with the other touches in the room.

It's important to be aware of the dimensions of each element before you order. There were a couple other table lamps I liked but ended up being taller than the stool itself (not good). These are still pretty darn tall, but I'm hoping they'll still look good when the whole room comes together. If not I can return them (thanks, internet!).

The next thing that absolutely has to go is the boob light. These really only frustrate me because they seem to be the default in every home, despite there are SO many other options out there for lighting. Like this flush mount drum light from West Elm (all the heart eyes). 

**If you want to the most bang for your buck, changing lighting and paint colors will immediately transform your space.**


Moving on to paaaaaint!! White for me. Always white. At least to start. So all the walls will be white like the ceiling except for one. I'm looking into this super pretty sage green as an accent wall (it'll be the wall our bed is against). 

Isn't it beautiful?! The struggle is gonna be figuring out which color it actually is. It looks like it could be Oyster Bay or Halcyon Green by Sherwin Williams; but I've also heard Farrow and Ball's Light Blue is a winner for this color (so weird, right?). I'd try it for myself, but the $110/gallon price tag says otherwise. So Sherwin Williams it is!

I'll document the process as we start painting; this will definitely be one of those times it's a good idea to buy actual paint samples. Light in the house can change so much from morning to evening, so it's good to have actual paint on the wall to see how the color responds.

Sage Paint Color.jpg


The more interchangeable details can also totally transform a room. A vintage Persian rug, for example, would make the room look completely different than if I were to use this more modern one. The rug we currently have in our bedroom may look gorgeous with everything else, so we'll use it for now and swap it out if it doesn't feel right. The rug to the right is our alternative.

We'll also get a hamper (ours is currently too small), some plants, and a minimal statement piece of art for the wall above the bed. I'd rather start minimal with the art and change it later if I want; photos can be busy sometimes and I'd rather the focus be on other elements of the room. But I think it'll add some really cool balance to that awkward window wall.

Wall Art from Minted  - $$$$ (Let's be real: I'll probably try to recreate it to save some money)

Wall Art from Minted - $$$$ (Let's be real: I'll probably try to recreate it to save some money)

What do you think?! I'm so excited and absolutely can't wait to see it all come together. Let the countdown to April 11 begin!

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