Our Office Mood Board

As we're packing everything up and getting it organized, I can't help but daydream about the space and what I plan on doing with it. Considering this will be my first real private office, I am crazy excited to get it up and ready to go so I can get back to work!

In a few words, I want this space to be efficient, minimal, and inspiring. This is, after all, where I plan on spending the majority of my time in the house.

So here's what I'm thinking:

Wall-to-wall shelving for all of our books (we have SO many books that need a home!).

I love love love how ChrisLovesJulia did all the shelving in their reading room. I plan on recreating the shelves in the office – same thickness of the wood, but maybe three shelves instead of four.

The other thing to consider is making sure shelves that long can be styled well with the amount of books we have. We definitely don't have enough to go wall-to-wall on each shelf, so we'll need to find the right balance once we go in to make them look organized and intentional.

anewall vintage floral mural

On the wall with the window, I want to install this gorgeous mural from anewall. I think it would look absolutely stunning with the size of that room and great for creating balance against the thick wood shelves.

I think it will work great with the existing furniture we'll have in there too (see the mood board). We have two white desks from Ikea, two white office chairs, and a big wicker chair set for clients or guests to sit in. I think it will all come together to create a really gorgeous, warm, inspiring space.

The only thing that may complicate things is finding a great rug, which with the complexity of the mural may need to be solid or more minimal than many of the vintage rugs I have in my arsenal. I think something like this one from Urban Outfitters would work beautifully!


Anyway, I am SO SO SO excited to get started on the new space! I will of course keep you all posted with lots of pictures as the home starts to take shape and really become our own.

Much love,
Jen Wagner

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