My 7 Favorite Font Pairings for Clothing & Fashion Brands

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My favorite font parings for clothing & fashion brands!

I get this question all the time and, honestly, love helping companies figure out which fonts will work the best for their brand.

So here are 7 of my absolute favorite font pairings for clothing & fashion brands!

1. Cairo Block & Margo Script

Looking for something bold and feminine? Cairo and Margo are your fonts! Cairo Block is super strong and easy to read (easy to print too!) and Margo adds the touch of femininity to knock off Cairo’s rough edges.

Opposites? Yes. A match made in heaven? Also yes.

Jen Wagner Fashion Brand Font Pairings | Cairo Margo

2. Capri Serif & Phoenix

Capri is one of my favorite serifs ever. I use it for tons of projects, and it’s one of those fonts that makes everything feel high class. Pair it with Phoenix, and you’ve got a powerhouse duo. Both Capri serif and Phoenix have upper and lowercase, so you can use them for all of your body text and copy as well (not to mention, they both look sooo good in all caps).

Jen Wagner Co Fashion Brand Font Pairings | Capri Phoenix.jpg

3. Dallas & Albany

Dallas and Albany are another great high-contrast combo – Dallas offering the clean, bold minimalism that beautifully contrasts Albany’s texture and line variance.

I, personally, love Albany on product tags and notecards. It looks beautiful when printed and adds an extremely personal and human touch, which is always a bonus in my mind!

Jen Wagner Fashion Brand Font Pairings | Dallas Albany

4. Knoxville & Jupiter

Knoxville is, in itself, an excellent font for logo creation of all kinds. It definitely lends itself to retail and clothing contexts, as the lowercase letters function as underlined letters to add contrast (test it out on the product page!). It also looks phenomenal when printed on labels and print collateral!

Jupiter, when paired with Knoxville, adds a sweet, hand-written touch that gives a bit of extra personality and visual interest.

Jen Wagner Fashion Brand Font Pairings | Knoxville Jupiter.jpg

5. Milan & Minion Pro Italic

Okay… this font pair is probably my favorite. Milan and Minion Pro Italic look like they were made for each other (and Minion Pro comes default with Adobe Programs and on most computers).

Pairing sans serifs with serifs is generally a good idea because of the immediate contrast and hierarchy it creates in design. These two offer just the right amount of contrast and visual interest to one another – like, it’s kind of crazy how pairing two fonts can really make them come to life!

Jen Wagner Fashion Brand Font Pairings | Milan Minion.jpg

6. Modena Font Duo

Maybe this isn’t news, but Modena Sans and Script pair together pretty well – they were literally made for each other! Modena Sans best functions as the main focus (great for the main words in your logo or on your site) while Modena Script looks totally signature.

I prefer using Modena Script for accent words (think the “hello!” on the about section of your website). However you use them, both the sans and script look beautiful when they’re put together!

Jen Wagner Fashion Brand Font Pairings | Modena

7. Norfolk & Cairo Grotesque

This one is a recent discovery for me. Cairo Grotesque is already one of my favorite body texts – it reads super clearly and looks great with a ton of other fonts (especially Cairo Block, it’s default pairing!).

But! Norfolk came into the picture and the two of them stole my heart. This combo screams high-fashion, class, and timelessness. I love it. I love it a lot.

Jen Wagner Fashion Brand Font Pairings | Norfolk Cairo

Drop a comment below to let me know which combos you think would be great for clothing or fashion brands!

I hope you guys get some good use out of these pairings! Different pairs work for different brands, so definitely experiment a little to see which fits your aesthetic best. I’m excited to see what you create!


PS – did you know you can test out any font below their product descriptions? Just type what you want in the box to see what it’ll look like in that font!

Jen Wagner Co Fashion Brand Font Pairings