Prague | Font Duo + Florals

Prague | Font Duo + Florals


Prague is a sleek and modern font duo with bonus vector floral elements that is perfect for logo design, wedding and holiday invitations, social media, and so much more!

The outline font automatically offsets, making it really simple to layer these fonts together perfectly. Simply duplicate your "Regular" layer and switch the setting to "Prague Offset" or "Prague Offset Extra", and the type will automatically offset up and to the left for you!

Prague comes with three font files – Prague Regular, Offset, and Offset Extra – giving you two different offset options. It also comes with non-English characters (test for the ones you need in the box below).


  • Prague Regular (TTF + OTF)

  • Prague Offset (TTF + OTF)

  • Prague Offset Extra (TTF + OTF)

  • Non-English Characters

  • 10 FREE vector floral elements (.eps, .ai, .png)

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